A downloadable game for Windows and Android

The game is inspired by Swedish and Chinese culture. It is based on literary works from both countries used for educational purposes. 

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson, is about a mean Swedish boy, who gets cursed by an elf and turned small. To become big again he must prove himself good, by travelling around Sweden.

The Classics of Mountains and Seas, is a 2000 year old Chinese book describing the environment, mythical creatures and culture of ancient China, . 

"The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, but he Went to China Instead", or simply "Nils in China" is based on these two books. Nils is cursed by the elf but instead of him travelling in Sweden he is instead sent to China, to prove that he can be a nice boy. In China he meets creatures and deities that he has to help by completing quests.

The game is fully translated to:

  • English
  • Swedish
  • Chinese

In the game you can:

  • Explore a large and open map!
  • Help 3 different characters from Chinese mythology. 
    • Each of them have their own dialogues with many choices to make! Choose if you want to be a good or mean boy!
  • Fly on your friendly goose, Mårten.

How to Play

  • Use the Virtual Joystick in the bottom left corner to fly around the map.
  • When you are close to an interactable object, it will glow. Tap or Click on it to interact with it.
  • Follow the white arrow to find your way to the next character or quest item.


This project was developed during a summer course in 2019, which was a collaboration between the University of Skövde in Sweden and Shanghai Normal Univeristy in China. 

Swedish and Chinese students collaborated to create this game while sharing culture and  knowledge to create a game that aims to spread the culture of both countries.

The project spanned 4 weeks of work, but the game is not entirely finished.

If you find any bugs or issues, please post a comment. The game is not likely to receive any major updates, but we may fix some bugs.


Filip Bergqvist - Programming
Elin Hallne - Design
Solvej von Malmborg - Music, Audio and Writing
Freja Ni - 2D Art
Erica Huo - 2D Art
Theresa Yang - 3D Art
Siyuan Wang - 3D Art

Install instructions


Unzip the folder and launch the .exe file to start the game! Full support for keyboard controls is currently not in the game, but may be added in a future version. Just use the mouse.


Download the .apk file to your android phone, and open it in a file manager. This will install the app. You may get a warning that the app is unsafe, but that is only because it is not downloaded from the Google Play store. You also need to allow installations from unknown sources on your phone.


Nils in China (Windows) 34 MB
Nils in China (Android) 41 MB


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